Cleaning the world! Research, planning, implementation.     Linking also with community awareness and education

Latest news May 2024

Currently working on a project in the Enfield area, as part of Middlesex Edge work. Links with local businesses, stations and schools. Linking also with possible lighting scheme. Watch this space for details 

2023: the story that was...

What did we do this year:

* Cleaning around the Enfield Lock area. Thanks to J & R for an impromptu session.

* Looked at developing some old pub sites to form a "Zing Gardens" base for our operations. We can link these to our Health Pubs concept!

* Engaged with Ikea over its Tottenham site to give us a possible HQ

* Surveyed councils in and around "Hertfordshire" to take stock of how they are faring with street cleanliness

* Continued to engage with Enfield council. Our next step will be to look at how waste management features in current council budgets! How are councils getting on with money? 

* Linked with community groups in Enfield to see how we can bring together residents and businesses into the big Zing plan

* Applied to TedX and undertook personal training for public speaking

Plans ahead:

* Set up councils to run Zing community by community, county by county

* Continue to survey councils and financial situations. What resources do we need to get our streets clean?

* Continue to source areas of possible support to move forward

* Run a group event to canvass ideas and support on how to get Zing in action on the ground.

Contact: gd@zing.international

Our aim is to keep all spaces clean....

We seek to set up separate branches of Zing in all the traditional counties, linking with County Business and Blue Moon Group Limited. We also seek to set up a separate Zing Foundation to help educate the community about keeping everywhere clean.